April 26, 2011

When your hippety goes missing

It's 10:55 p.m. so I'm barely going to get this blog post finished to count as day 2. That's right....day 2 and I am already rushing to comply with my own challenge.


No deep thoughts from me today which I know is just devastating.

But if I was going to come up with something deep, it would be to infer all kinds of things about the wild storm that came through here and destroyed this. Like, 39 hours after I wrote this post it was upside down in the planter.

Not going to read anything into that......just not going to go there.

Oh, and one more thing? Remind me when Easter rolls around next year that I can make a bazillion dollars selling EMPTY plastic Easter eggs on the black market here. This is something I learned after spending $11......yes, that actually says ELEVEN DOLLARS.....on a package of 12 eggs. Did I mention they were empty?? Plain 'ol plastic eggs used for hunting eggs and I paid $11 for them.

I am obviously not going to get over that anytime soon.

Never mind how difficult it is to find white eggs here to dye. They are all brown, unrefrigerated, and have feathers still stuck to them.

Just kidding.

About the feather part, but not about the rest.

Needless to say, there was no Easter egg decorating at our house. In fact, the Easter bunny had a major brain fart and didn't even bring any Easter decorations to Singapore. I'm not sure if I thought that by now I would have jumped ship and run home or if by the time I made it through our attic when packing I just didn't care anymore. The Easter bunny did manage a few chocolate pieces for the boys that were packed in gift bags with tissue paper and raffia ribbon.

That's how the Easter bunny rolls here in Singapore.

Despite expensive plastic eggs, the lack of pretty Paas decorated eggs, and a Easter bunny that lost a little hippety in her hop, we had a wonderful Easter weekend. We spent Easter Sunday with 7 other families and a load of good Southern cooking. Many sticks of butter were sacrificed in the making of our meal and I loved every single bite!! The kids went on an egg hunt and I was just momentarily overklempt when Garrett decided this was the year he was crossing over from hunter to hider of the eggs.

I love Easter. I cry every single Easter Sunday no matter what kind of service I'm in. It is the basis for everything I believe in. I get to experience grace and mercy in my life because of an empty tomb and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend!!

And if you happen to find an extra "hippety" laying around, can you please send it back to me?

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  1. Oh, that $11 package of eggs made me CRINGE. Nothing gets my goat more than spending unnecessary money. I'm so sorry, friend!

    You. Can. Do. This. Blogging. Thing. You're on a roll!!



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