February 18, 2011


Right outside our bedroom window we have a bird's nest.

An extremely determined bird has been working on building this nest for over a week. I have watched this bird use everything from string to leaves to feathers to slowly but surely build a safe home.

It's like it knows that having a home that works, means working on your home.

Without giving up when it gets hard.

The perseverance and dedication in making sure it's the best possible place for its family is inspiring.

You may be thinking this nest must look like this:

Where the birds only chirp between the hours of 9 and 5. Where there's a slew of National Geographic photographers lining up for the perfect shot to grace the cover of the latest issue.

In reality, it looks like this:

A home that is certainly not perfect on the outside. It looks half put together, even thrown together, with no attempts at achieving perfection. The birds chirp at all hours and I am the only crazy one taking loads of pictures.

It appears to be hanging on by a thread, but does not fall. Because this bird knows that its not about how much thread you have, but how strong it is. It is what's holding this home together.

The inside, though, is another story. It's warm and safe and protected.

It is not showy or fake. It's just real.

I think that's probably all this bird's offspring really care about.

It's the perfect home.

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