April 29, 2011

Hmmmm......What To Write About Today

I do hate to be predictable, but a royal wedding just doesn't come around very often! There is nothing else I can really talk about when the world got a new princess today....or whatever it is that the Queen is officially calling Kate. Does it matter? To the whole world, Kate is a princess.

(This would be the proper place to insert a picture of Kate in all her Grace Kelly splendor but for the life of me, I can't get a picture of her to upload.....or download....or copy and paste to the blog. Basically, I am not computer literate enough to fully round out this post with the proper pictures!)

I remember lying on my stomach on the floor of Jenny Key's house with my chin in my hands at the ripe 'ol age of eleven when I watched Princess Di walk down that long aisle towards her Prince. I was young enough to be completely enthralled with the magic of it all.

I can remember speaking only in a British accent with one of my friends as we pretended to be part of the royal family. My friend was much better than I was at it. Then again, she was my friend that tried to give me flirting lessons and insisted I practiced until my handwriting was more bubbly and every "i" was dotted with a heart.

I failed miserably.

On both accounts.

I have to admit that all week I've had moments where I've wondered what Kate must be thinking and doing. A wedding under normal circumstances is filled with details and preparation for the bride....can you even imagine what these last few days were like for her? What in the world was she thinking about when she was shaving her legs this morning in preparation for the big day? Was she rehearsing all of Will's names? I must say that is not something I did the morning of my wedding. I kinda felt like that was one thing I had down pat!

It's crazy to think that many years from now I could be talking to my Granddaughter about where I was the day Kate and Will got married. That I was in Asia watching with three boys who could honestly care less but watched all the same.

It's a long way from Jenny Key's house in Albuquerque, NM and a VERY long way from eleven years old but it's not any less magical.

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  1. Keri, I am catching up on blogs and was so happy to get a full dose of Keri! Thanks for blogging every day -- I know that's hard, but I love getting to see what's going with you! I recorded the royal wedding and Cella and I are going to watch it together. It gives a 10 year old a funny kind of hope to know that a "normal" girl became a princess today. :-)



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