November 15, 2008


We had a HUGE game today.  We played the Keith Bears, an undefeated team with big, big egos.  One of their coaches is a PE coach at our school and one of the players is the son of our Assistant Principal at school.  The boys were ready for them and we ended up with a tied game of 12 all.  I paced the sideline the whole time because I just get too nervous to watch.  I do jump up and down like a mad woman when we get a touchdown which only serves to remind me of my need for a bladder lift.

The purpose of this post: I talked to my wonderful friend, Lisa, who lives in Florida.  I told her we had a big game today and that there would be hundreds of fans there.  She could NOT believe that was possible for a game between 9 and 10 year olds.  This is Texas people.  We take our football very seriously!

The post-game talk.  Helmet stickers are given to those who performed well in the game.  Needless to say, the entire offensive line and many defensive players got stickers today.

Oh, yes.....there was face painting.  If it hadn't been so chilly, I guarantee there would have been some shirtless dads with TITANS spelled out on their bellies.

As far as you can see down the field were the fans for our boys.  Not pictured:  the other fans.

Our cheerleaders that took 1st in Cheer and 2nd in Dance at the cheerleading competition last night.  Not pictured:  the other cheerleaders.

For the most part, all fans behaved.  Our Assistant Principal's husband could use some serious detention and maybe a suspension, but other than that, everyone kept it real.  Well, as real as you can when it's football in Texas.


  1. LOL that was fantastic. I love getting a snapshot of 9-10 yo football in Texas.

    Now, Keri, Jesus loves the other team too. ;o)

    Seriously, this was a fun post.

  2. I saw your site via ANita J.

    Just have to say, my youngest was a football standout in high school and I share the love for the game. He started in 4th grade and this sport grew on me till it became my favorite!

    Love to see those kids in uniforms!

    Good luck to your team!



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