November 28, 2008

Football and Tamales

We have officially shunned traditional Thanksgiving food for food we are truly thankful for.  Our feast consists of tamales fresh from San Antonio, thanks to Scot's brother, red and green chile, black beans, tortillas, and a salad thrown in for good measure.  Let me tell you, there were 10 VERY grateful people at our table last was good eating!

I made the green chile, Scot made the red.  It wasn't a contest, I promise.  I absolutely put behind my competitive tendencies and never, ever measured the pots to see which one was more popular.  I also didn't even think about telling Scot that he couldn't make his chile for our Thanksgiving meal in an effort to dominate the chile portion of the meal.......I would never do that and then have to make up for my moment of craziness with a secret kiss in the pantry....never.  Just for the record, they were both pretty amazing, but more of my chile was eaten and that's just a fact, people.

Piled up in the TV room for the A&M vs UT game.  All of our Aggies and Longhorns behaved themselves..........even though the game was very much dominated by UT.  

I did take some time out yesterday to spend by myself.  I had gone running with my sister and her roommate, who are triatheletes, so my recovery took some time!  It was nice to hear the conversation and laughter in a house full of family and friends.  It was good to remember the things I am truly thankful for.  
  • A God that loves me unconditionally and serves up more grace and mercy than I ever deserve.
  • A husband that loves and respects me and makes me laugh on a regular basis.
  • Kids that keep me young and remind me daily to expect the unexpected.
  • Family that stands by you when everyone else fades away.
  • Friends that love me.

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  1. Kudos to you for eating "real" food for Thanksgiving -- I wish our family could do the same! Keri, I'm thankful for you and know that God put you in my life to remind me that He is near. You remind me of that constantly!



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