November 13, 2008

Mystery in the Candy Bowl

Has anyone ever actually eaten one of these??  What are they?  The fact that it says "Vanilla" on the bottom leads me to believe that there are actually other flavors.  

The leftover candy has been combined into one bucket and will sit there for another week or so before it is thrown away.  It will be WELL picked over before leftovers are tossed because one of my biggest weaknesses in life is candy.  I love it......all kinds.  Chocolate, gummies, sweet tarts, lollipops, carmels, mints - there is no limit to my love.  Except the mystery candy I've never heard of before.


  1. There are three Reeses and one bag of M&M's left in that basket. DO NOT let those get thrown away!

    Is it a bad sign that as soon as I saw the picture I immediately surveyed for chocolate.... It's instinct.

  2. I once tried to eat a Charleston Chew. I didn't make it far into it. It just wasn't worth the calories.

    I was thinking about a candy giveaway too. We have a show today...I wonder if I should leave a big bag of candy in the teachers' lounge?

  3. Hey Keri - I HAVE had a Charleston Chew....Alyssa's friend had some at camp this summer and she insisted I buy her some. They are decent - but not anything to write home about....worth a try though!



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