November 08, 2008

He's 96 Months Old

I have a wonderful friend who blogs about her daughter every month on her birth day.  She always starts by telling her daughter how many months old she is........she's in 2nd grade, so it's a lot of months.  Remember those days when our child's age was defined solely by how many months they were?  That's kosher until about 2......then the division gets too difficult for most and it switches to years.  

On Saturday, my baby turned 96 months old......or 8 years for those who don't have a calculator handy.  If you noticed the post November 4,  you'll realize that 8 years ago we celebrated our 5th anniversary with a light meal and an early night since I was NOT feeling the whole romance thing.  Four days later, on November 8,  I dropped my 23 month old son off with a friend, drove to the hospital to be induced, and 4 hours later at 11:07 a.m. I was falling deeply and madly in love once again.  

I haven't stopped falling since that day.  I often wonder why I was chosen to raise this incredible little boy.   I still get feelings of absolute giddiness about the privilege I have to Do Life with both my boys.  They are VERY different and both have incredible strengths and a myriad of weaknesses, but I love the whole of them.

N, I love you with my whole entire heart.  You love life and hold nothing back.
I love that you are already planning your campaign to be student body president even though you have to wait another 2 years.  
I love that you are a thinker and were so open about how torn you were between Obama and McCain and why.  
I love that you are so kind to everyone you come into contact with.  
I love that you get emotional when I talk about my feelings for you.  
I love how social you are and that you are always the life of the party.  
I love how you pray.  
I love knowing that when you give your money to a cause, it's because you believe in have a very hard time parting with your money.  
I love that you want to charge me interest every time I have to borrow some cash.  
I love how intently you look into my eyes when telling me something important.  
I love every single freckle that dots your nose and that you don't try to stop me when I tell you that I want to kiss every single one of them.
I love your pokiness....even though it can drive me crazy!!  It is evidence of you walking to the beat of your own drum.
I love that you are a rule shows integrity.
I love that you will get down and boogy for talent day at school.
I love that I get to be a part of your every day.
I love you NJ!!  You will always have my heart!


  1. N-Dawg will always have my heart as well. I love spending time with him and I love how he makes me laugh every day. I love that he loves chocolate as much as I do and he does his own happy dance while eating it. I love that he cracks himself up by telling silly jokes and I love that he throws his head back and closes his eyes when he laughs. He is an amazing little boy and I feel privileged to be apart of his life. His family. Makes me proud.
    -Aunt Lisa

  2. Keri, I should never ever read your blog at work, because I get all blubbery and emotional, and then I just want to jump in the car to come see you... What a great post, and what a great tribute to the kind of Mom you are, raising smart, happy, hilarious boys!



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