September 29, 2008

life is random and so am i

It's now been just over 2 weeks since we made Ike's acquaintance.  Clean-up continues and I have several friends that just got power again last week.  For those of us who were mildly inconvenienced, we've been a refuge for those who need their clothes washed, a couple of hours in AC, or a good hot meal that does not involve a can of soup.

The night Ike hit, the sunset was incredible.....the beauty before destruction.  I couldn't resist a few pictures, this one is my favorite.

On Saturday after the storm, friends of ours who were without electricity came and camped out at the house with all their electronics in tow.  We had laptops, cell phones, video games, etc, plugged into every available outlet.  NONE of us would have made good pioneers.....I can guarantee we would have been kicked out of the covered wagon for sure!

Our friends are big Georgia Bulldog fans.  Our satellite was hanging by a thread off our roof, so Scot hooked us up on the computer.  A couple of arm chairs later and they were good to go!

I have to say that the weather after Ike was gorgeous!!  My boys played outside from 9:30 until dark almost every day of their "Hurrication".  I couldn't resist a good game of 4 Square so I jumped in and defended my 3rd grade title (actually, I was so clumsy in 3rd grade that I may have had a title, but it wasn't very nice).  Needless to say, I dominated the "King Square" and scored major points with all the pre-pubescent, jock wannabe boys around here.  We even had's all good people! 

So this is Ike related in a round about way........because of Ike, my girl's weekend to Charleston, South Carolina was cancelled.  Scot took the opportunity to get tickets to an UT game (I must insert here that he is an Aggie through and through, we just happen to have a Longhorn in the house which is fine with me because the UT colors look better on G, with his red hair, than Aggie colors do) and he and G went to Austin for a Boy's weekend.  That left me and N to our own devices so we went and watched Aunt Lisa jump out of a plane.  Let it be said, I WILL be jumping out of a plane before I turn 40.  It was AMAZING!!  I would have gone that day, but I was wearing a short skirt and noonoe, I mean NOONE, needed to be a part of that.

I was so proud and excited that I did get a little misty eyed when she landed.   

Lisa and her friend, Jill, after the jump.

School has finally resumed and life has returned to some kind of normal.  I could get poetic here about all the things Ike taught me, but I'll leave at this.  Appreciate everything that is normal around you that you find mundane.  And by all means, have you hugged your lamp today?  


  1. I have neglected to hug my lamp but I will be sure to do that when I get home tonight! Thank you for the reminder.

    Love you!

  2. keri, you're hilarious!! and speaking by experience, i don't promote skydiving! Jeff thought it was a great Christmas present one year, i did it, don't need to do it again! that or hot air ballooning, or single-engine flights -- all thanks to Jeff! haha! since he's the one "like" factor in each scenario, maybe that's the problem!! HAHA i just typed in my "word verification" to have it approved and it was jef.... hee! eerie kay

  3. I haven't hugged my lamp lately, but maybe I should. It is always in the back of my mind that we could be the next ones evacuating and living off canned beans. No one should have to do that for long-and I like beans!
    Love, J

  4. I read that "hug your lamp" part out loud and Chris laughed and remined me that we have over 20 lamps in our house (my obsession, you know), and that it would take a very long time. Gotta go... have some hugging to do!



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