October 02, 2008

no, no, no, no.........ok

Yes, this is me laying on a pile of clothes (you can see my wedding dress towards the top) and I'm pulling my hair out......well, with one hand anyways since the other was taking the picture.

Let's go back about 5 months when a very good friend of mine asked me to speak at a women's event at her church.  She had barely gotten the words out of her mouth before I was saying "No, no, no, no".   She insisted I think about it, but I was determined that the answer was going to remain, you guessed it, "NO".  

Evidently God had other plans for me and He began the very slow and laborious process of changing my mind.  I think God feels like all His dealings with me can be slow and laborious, but we'll deal with that another day.  After much work on His part, I agreed to do it.

Well, the event is tomorrow night and I'm nervous, jittery, excited, and emotional about it.  God and I have been talking about my subject matter for months now.  Late into the night I will lay awake and dialog with God, we've chatted in the car about it.  I have a special attachment to my shampoo these days because much has been accomplished while washing my hair........do you understand how laborious I am now??  God has to take every opportunity when I'm actually standing, sitting, or laying still to talk to me or I'll completely miss Him.  YIKES!!

Anyways, tomorrow night I'm going to share with about 200 women a message that only God, myself, and my poor sister have talked about for a long time now.  My prayer is that I am completely removed from the equation so He can speak.  I pray that even one woman hears something I have to say and experiences a heart change.  I pray I don't throw up on stage.

Now, for the clothes on the floor and why I'm laying on them.......I'm talking about Cleaning Out Your Closet and that means getting rid of things from the past, getting rid of your skinny clothes (unrealistic expectations), and getting rid of the burden of unfulfilled hopes and dreams (wedding dress).  You have to clean it out to put on the outfit God has designed for us - our spiritual armor.  

It's going to be good and I'm excited.  There will be clothes flying everywhere and who doesn't like a good closet cleaning?  I do, even if it is a slow and laborious process.


  1. I love you! And I cannot wait to hear you speak tomorrow night. I just know it's going to be amazing!

  2. Hey I saw you comment at Angie's blog. I'll be glad to tack you onto the prayer list. The last thing I want is for anyone to throw up on stage, whether I'm there or not.

  3. YOu are too funny girl. You look pretty here.... so tell the truth, did you take like 5 picture of that same pose till you go the one you liked? LOL I so would have!!! (and do!)

    And yea you SO can't trust those tech peeps. LOL



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