October 12, 2008


Take the cute, but posed, pulling out my hair picture from 2 posts ago, and insert genuine "I'm so overwhelmed I don't know where to start", face.  That would be a true portrait of me right now.

This Friday night is our C3 event at our church.  This is a ministry I've been entrusted with and it has been a real pain in the hiney this time around.  I can say that because it means that God has something great in store and satan is ticked off royally.  The problem is that all that ticked offness filters right down to me, and while I enjoy a good standoff, I'm losing steam.

C3 stands for Coffee, Calories, and Conversation and we have it twice a year.  This time around it was scheduled for one week after Ike rolled through here.  So we rescheduled and then found out a theater group was doing Driving Miss Daisy in our student building where we have C3.  Ok, hurricanes and Driving Miss Daisy, at least we're getting creative here.  We rescheduled again for this Friday.  Half our speaker team can't make it this Friday so we've scrambled to make up the rest of the team.  

I have handed this over to God many, many times.  The ironic thing is that we are talking about how "You Never Know".  We serve a mighty God.  He does mighty things in the lives of broken people.  You Never Know what the person sitting next to you in Sunday School, at work, at school, is going through.  What if you have been chosen by God to be the catalyst in someone's life, but are too busy with your own to even notice.  Don't worry, He will use someone else.  But how incredible to be used by God in His divine workings in someone's life.


  1. I like the name "C3"

    By the way you have been tagged (not my idea). Check out my blog to see what that means.


  2. keri, i would've loved to have heard you! Everytime i get caught up reading your blog, i get so jealous of all the women in your life that get to be with you daily!! You're awesome and i'd love to hear your message!! Awesome topic and is it on youtube.com yet?? ps. did you know about mel's dad in the hospital for 3 weeks???



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