September 11, 2008


They make you sign a mandate when you move to Texas.  You have to promise to:
  • Honor Texas as if it's a country of its own
  • Try to have even a slight appreciation for country music
  • Find some way to sit through a rodeo where the poor baby cows run for their lives only to be roped by some testosterone driven cowboy
  • Choose sides between UT and A&M but NEVER side with Texas Tech
  • Have a favorite Mexican restaurant
  • Be able to share you favorite Hurricane story at the drop of a hat.
When Rita roared into town on the heals of Katrina, I hit the road with the boys and all our most important stuff.  I sat in bumper to bumper traffic for 10 hours and went a whopping 25 miles before I decided that I could take Rita and all her fury more than I could take sitting on a freeway with the masses.  Rita turned out to be incredibly unimpressive, but by golly, I now had a Hurricane Story.

Now Ike is bearing down on us and many scarred by long hours on the road the last time, don't even want to attempt to leave.  So we are staying..........and I fully expect to have a newer hurricane story.  Especially since they are building right behind us which leaves all kinds of possibilities open.  Like having a bulldozer land in our backyard or a 2x4 come through our window.  

Stay tuned.......Ike story to come!


  1. We are staying too! Be safe!!

  2. Keri-
    I hope this finds you ok, my name Richard Morris from CNN in New York. We are looking for people to speak with who are remaining in Ike's path. Would you mind contacting me if you are interested?
    Thank you-



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