April 30, 2012

Life with Boys

Once upon a time there was an eleven year old who begged his mother for permission to stay at his best friend's house after school.  After presenting multiple reasons for why this was a good idea, the mother relented.

Two hours later the mother's phone rings and she sees it's the best friend's mom.  She answers with a "what's wrong?" and hears that her son has bumped his head and is now laying on the couch trying to fall asleep.

The mother knows this is bad news and calls her friend that is an ER nurse that lives near the best friend.  The ER nurse is gracious enough to rush over to check on the eleven year old while the mother waits anxiously by the phone wondering if her night was going to end at the hospital.

Soon the phone rings and the mother answers and hears lots of laughter and a disjointed story via several different boys.  The gist of the story is that the head injury was made up in order to mask the fact that the eleven year old isn't feeling well.

Head injury.

Upset stomach.

Head injury.

Upset stomach.

The eleven year old gets on the phone with the mother and explains that he didn't want to have to go home.  The eleven year old and his friends thought claiming he had bumped his head would ensure his chance to stay put.

Many tears, a taxi ride later, a plastic bag that will never be the same again and the eleven year old is now tucked into bed.  Without a head injury.

Not that the mother didn't think about giving him one.

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