May 26, 2010

Temporary Home

Just about a month ago, I was watching a country music award show. Not because I necessarily like country music, but just because I really like awards shows.

I normally skip the performances because it usually proves that what a stylist and make-up artist can do for someone's looks, a good music producer can do for someone's voice. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out that an artist you admire is not a good singer.

Anyways, I happened upon the show right about the time Carrie Underwood was getting ready to sing her hit, Temporary Home. I had never heard this song until that night and I was riveted to the TV. I think I watched her performance 4 times in a row.

Today my home is echoing with the sound of tape being placed on the tops of boxes and the 7 men who are putting up with my need to be overly friendly and hospitable so I don't fall all to pieces on them. As my house is being dismantled, the memories of the past 6 years are flooding my mind.

This is my Temporary Home

Sitting on the kitchen counter with my sisters having great conversation.

Curled up on the couch upstairs with my big pink blanket, watching TV.

It's not where I belong

Our front yard that has had the grass worn thin from the numerous football games played there.

The way the Christmas tree lights reflect in our front door.

Windows and rooms, that I'm passin' through

Walking into the boy's rooms when they are sleeping and looking at faces filled with an innocence that seems to slip away a little more each day.

Appreciating the sanctuary our bedroom was for me and Scot.......the laughter, fights and making up that room has seen. The copious amounts of books that have been read in there and home to some of our best conversations.

This is just another stop on the way to where I'm going.

Our guest room that has had more short and long term visitors than I could count.......and I've loved every one of them.

The fireplace.......oh, I will miss having a fireplace.

I'm not afraid because I know.....

The kitchen table that requires just the right angle to see the grooves that came from homework, letters, and notes being written on it. And the statement "I hate math" that Garrett carved into it in a moment of frustration.

The exact spot in my dining room where I have knelt and prayed more times than I can count.

This is my temporary home.

My permanent home will someday be in heaven. In the meantime, I will cherish every moment and every memory of my Temporary Home.


  1. And in a couple of years or so you'll be singing the same song as you prepare for your next home. The less tightly we are bound to the things of this world, the more tightly we can be bound to those God has prepared for us in heaven. I do know that it is so hard to leave those things that make our more abstract and complex emotions and thoughts more concrete and real. It sorta helps us get a grip on who we are. And then He compells us to dwell more on who He is. And that's living by faith, and the good news is that that faith though so hard to photograph or feel is the one record keeper of all things dear and precious. It is the remnant we have that binds us to Him. I cried through your post. And I'm confident I'll cry many more times this next month and in those that follow. But I want you to know, Keri Jenkins, that you are, by the faith we share in God's perfect plan for our lives, as with me next month and in the next three years and beyond as you were at that table in Carrabba's. I am sorry your heart is aching and excited that your heart is also excited. I am praying for you, and I love you!!

  2. I LOVE that song. And it's playing in my head right now...thanks a lot, at least I like it;-) When this song came out it immediately struck a chord with me because while I pray every day that I will be here to see my children grow and have children of their own, it reminded me that THIS is not where I belong, it's not what I should long for. I am only here for a time period of God's choosing and I should always keep my eyes set on things above. It almost calms me when I hear it because of the beautiful reminder.
    As for you, hang in there! What a tough day I'm sure you've had...I've been there. It stinks (kinda like math). But Praise the Lord you watched the CMAs long enough to hear that song! It definitely puts your mind in the right place;-)

  3. Beautiful and heartbreaking and exciting and nerve wrecking all rolled up into one. Love you. Praying for you all. Excited for you. All of it!

  4. What a wonderful post! You have such an amazing way with words, but more importantly, an amazing grasp on life! Thank you for blessing us with your perspective!


  5. Dear Keri,

    I was not only moved by your post, but also by Crista's response. After moving 19 times in 26 years, I still remember those many, many times of packing everything I owned and heading out to face yet another "unknown!" It is one thing to be in the midst of it, and another to view with "hind sight"...a special and precious gift God gives us.

    After many moves, I decided that we were not losing special places, but making more memories. We were not loosing friends, but gaining places to go visit.

    The truth in your blog is the truth in your heart. I love the privilege of hearing God's work and faithfulness in and through you. Thank you for sharing.

    Now that Charlie and I are "settled" in one place, I actually miss not moving...not facing new adventures, new places, the challenge of a new home. Those moves kept me from getting
    "potbound," which hindered my stepping out and growing. Moving kept me from getting too comfortable...and also kept me from KEEPING TOO MUCH STUFF! When I would pack or unpack something and wonder why, I would get rid of it. Now, I am too prone to keeping stuff! Ugh!

    You are in my prayers often. I don't know if you have sold the house, but am praying for God's faithful provision for your life in every area.

    Christie and I talked about coming to see you in May before you moved...and it just didn't happen. Please keep blogging and sharing the events of our life with us. It is a good way to get us to pray specifically!

    A friend gave me a CD for you...which I have not mailed yet. It is by a man named Joseph Prince...who pastors a large church in Singapore. I heard he is outstanding, though I have not heard him myself.

    I think of all those blessed people in Singapore who need to meet and be impacted by the Jenkins family! I pray He will continue to open many doors for you.

    With much love, Suzanne



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