April 09, 2010


Our house if officially Sold and off the market.

Garrett got his acceptance letter to the American School today so both boys are in.

Scot comes home tonight for a week.

Tomorrow night is my cheat meal for the week and it can't get here quickly enough.


  1. Come quickly cheat night, come quickly!

  2. I was just thinking this morning that I was missing you blogging! Glad to see how you are and glad that everything is falling into place. I know it is bittersweet but God is laying the groundwork for an amazing experience. I know I will be your biggest blogging fan following all the great things He has for you. And we promise to take good care of Lisa while you are gone!

  3. This time we are going to make sure that your cheat meal is not a plain salad! I let you down last week and I promise not to let that happen again.

    Sarah, I have two words for you: Dark Chocolate :) It really does help knowing I have you. Thank you!

  4. So the question is - what do you pick for your cheat meal??? I alwys pick Chuy's- gotta have some creamy jalapano!!!




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