December 09, 2009

Photo Op or Not

Today was the day I was determined to finish my Christmas cards. I went with a card that allowed me to insert a ton of pictures as kind of a year in review type thing. The one thing missing was a good photo of the boys for the center spot. So, in the never ending pursuit of popularity with my boys, when they got home from school today, snacks and playing outside were put on hold for a clothing change and hair gel touch-up for a photo op.

Did all of you notice the sudden darkness that overcame the land around 4:30? Yep, that was the world coming to an end.

It only took me about 12 shots to get one I was happy with

You know, once I could convince Nathan that talking out of the side of his mouth was NOT going to work.

Bodily noises were not going to work either....even though they are so very, very funny. I'll give you one guess based on facial expressions who the culprit was! boys. May I introduce to you Garrett, otherwise known as G in Doing Life land...and Nathan, who would be known as N. Yes, I outed their names because it was just too much code to keep up with.


My world has suddenly been consumed by pajamas. You may remember last year......we are doing the same thing again this year. 52 women and 37 children will be getting new pajamas to open Christmas Eve at the Mission of Yahweh Women's Shelter. It is truly an honor to be allowed to minister to these women and children.

I pray that each of you are given an opportunity to experience giving in a new way this Christmas season!


  1. Handsome young men! Those are the very reasons why we don't do picture cards, at least not yet. All people would see at this stage is one brother in a headlock with the other. Have a great day.

  2. I need to do the impromptu photo op with my kids, too, but I can't stand the inevitable moans and groans that I will get when I tell them. Why is getting ONE decent pic for the Christmas cards so darn hard?! Ugh. I'm about ready to call it quits and mail the cards without pics. Ha! That'll show 'em. Yeah, you're right...probably not.

    I'm glad you had success with your photo session! The pics look great, even the "insert bodily noise here" ones ;-)

    Thanks for the prayers for my surgery. Everything went well and I am so glad to be at home recovering. We really need to find a better way to communicate, other than leaving comments! Do you have Facebook? You can search for me "Erica Griffin" if you want, OR my email is

  3. Ha ha! Great fun! I love the pajama ministry. It is touching and inspiring.

  4. I just melted. They are gorgeous. The world might've ended at 4:30, but it was not before you got 'em! I mean, you REALLY captured them. And, for the record, the bodily noises one is my favorite. Get a big stick friend. And have an answer ready for when the little girls start blowing your phone up. I'll pray for you.



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