December 29, 2009

Come Back........

Do you ever have a moment when you are fully aware of how obnoxious you are being for all those around you?

I have a lot of moments like that......especially when I am with my sisters. We easily get caught up in our own conversations - many of them happening without words ever being spoken. We are each other's biggest fans and despite how annoying it is to others, we will brag on and on about each other. We have the same sense of humor that is almost as dry as the Sahara Desert my sister visits frequently. We obnoxiously and annoyingly adore each other.

Cyndi left today to return to Isreal after living with us for the last 6 months. Lisa and I are left here feeling like one of our limbs has been torn off. The good-byes were very painful......the kind that leave you bent in half , not sure if you will ever catch your breath.

All 3 of us are fully aware of how lucky we are to have each other. We know that it's a gift that we love each other so much. I honestly don't care how much eye rolling we create with our missing each other, I will still say it as loud as I can...

I miss my sister and I just want her back.


  1. Hi Keri....what sweet thoughts about your sister. And thank goodness for email, and skype and texting etc to keep ya'll close. I have one older sister who doesn't like too far from Houston (Lake Jackson) but we don't see each other nearly enough. Your post has made me want to call her and email her and catch up. She's the longest and closest relationship I'll ever have and I need to be reminded how wonderful she is.
    I see you read Liz Jordan's blog Consistently Inconsistent. Did you happen to hear her proposal on the radio that day. I did and it was SO sweet....I was crying in the car.
    Hugs from The Heights

  2. Having 3 of my own I understand.

  3. My eyes fill with tears reading your post. Sad for you, and also thinking of my love for my own sisters. The bond we have is unlike any other. I SO get when you say that you are each others biggest fans...I remember SOBBING when my sisters played their final high school basketball game because, having never missed a game in their 4 years of high school, it meant that I would never get to see them play again. Obnoxious to those around me? Sure! And confusing? Oh yeah! But I was devestated. The same kind of devestation that I had when Layne moved across the state, and Jessica a mere one hour away. So my heart is breaking for you, friend, that one of yours is now halfway across the globe:-( But I totally get it. They are a part of me, as your sisters are you. Even though we have grown and have families of our own, they are our first family...there through all the years of growing and learning and memory making...Oh the stories we could tell! There is truly nothing in the world like it.

    I know there is nothing I can say to take away your aching heart, so I won't try. But I will pray that God will ease your sadness and emptiness, and that your "separation anxiety" will be short as your find new and exciting ways to connect with Cyndi. Who knows, maybe a trip to Isreal is in your near future?! Or maybe meet Paris or Rome anywhere close to halfway?! Try to keep your chins up, Parker sisters! Love you friend!



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