November 23, 2009

Thanks A Lot!

There is something surreal about entering into a holiday season that has been a norm my entire lifetime and realizing that next year we will be living in a country that won't even pause for Thanksgiving Day. Realizing that fact has been very sobering for me. Just like going to my husband's Christmas party Saturday night and knowing we won't be there next year or wanting to spend an inordinate amount of money putting lights up on our house because we won't have a house for several years to come.

I have to wonder what kind of things I will be thankful for next year? Obviously, those that are most important to me......God and His Son, my husband and boys.....those will remain the same. It's the other stuff I wonder about. I hope I can be thankful for new friends. I shudder to think I may be thankful for fried octopus. It's unlikely I'll be thankful for neighbors that are just a wall away.

My prayer is for contentment. Happy to know that God has given us an amazing opportunity and being grateful for that. My prayer is that I don't spend so much time looking back at what we've left behind that we miss what God has in store for us in the future.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and can honestly look at where God has placed you right now and be thankful for it. Asking God to allow you joy in your current circumstance knowing that He is sovereign and loves us so very much that nothing in our lives is without purpose.

As for me and my boys? We are going to have a house full of Aggie/Longhorn/Cowboy loving fans with a spread that includes tamales, red and green chile, and loads of dessserts....much like last year. It will be loud and unorganized....the house will stay a mess for days on end and I'm going to enjoy every single second of it knowing that next year will hold something brand new for us.


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog...Happy Thanksgiving....Have so missed my blog reading but have been a little busy...This week there are 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS on my Holiday Blog. They only require a comment...AND there are some good looking boys on my main blog.....
    Blessings to you and your this Thanksgiving season. I am so ready to get bad to reading my favorite blogs.

  2. Thankful for new friends for sure:) Hope you guys have an awesome time and Gig'Em Ags! Happy Thnaksgiving!

  3. Keri, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!! I introduced myself to you at Met Mops the other Friday when you spoke. You did a wonderful job and I am so glad I was there to hear you! Thank you for sharing with us and it was good to meet you! Just thought I would say hi!



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