November 14, 2009

I'm In Love

Ahhhhhh.......the weekend. How I do love Saturdays and Sundays. Of course it does help that I survived speaking at MOPS yesterday morning (more on that later), had a wonderful time at our church's Holiday Dinner last night, and a glorious morning of sleeping in. Yep, I am officially in love with the weekend.

I was a bundle of nerves yesterday, but absolutely loved the time I got to spend with our MOPS group. I did cry during my talk, which is unfortunate, but other than that I made it through sharing with those sweet moms what I felt like God wanted me to share. The great news is that I get to do it again next Friday. Maybe I'll do a better job keeping my emotions in check this time around because there is nothing more uncomfortable than watching someone who is speaking try to keep from launching into the ugly cry.

Our Holiday Dinner last night was located at a wonderful facility that has a stadium for local football games along with banquet rooms and an indoor arena. So while I was enjoying time with 600 of my closest friends from church, my boys were at the high school playoff game happening at the same location. When our banquet was over, I high heeled it over to the game to catch the last 6 minutes. There is nothing more inconspicuous than a 6 foot tall woman in black pants and glittery jacket, rhinestone earrings and smoky eye make-up making an appearance at a high school football game where khakis would have been considered dressed up. And nothing more painful for those high heeled feet than walking up and down ramps to get to our seats..........should have remembered to bring my flip flops!

Scot leaves again today for a whirlwind trip to Asia - gone only a week this time so he can be home for his company's CHRISTMAS PARTY next Saturday. That's right, next Saturday, before Thanksgiving.......Christmas party. Wonder if they'll serve us turkey, stuffing, gravy and pumpkin pie at the party.........

I hope all of you fall in love with your weekend too!

Oh, one more thing, if you are looking for an incredible way to teach your kids about money management, check out my wonderful and creative friend's post. I love, love, love her idea!


  1. Glad you are resting up. If I could speak without the ugly cry I would not know what to do. I am afraid you will see it when we meet face to face! Will be praying for your week and Friday! ((hugs))!

  2. I am so going to do that allowance thing with Hunter....thanks for sharing your friends blog and glad you are loving your weekend.

    That devotion book is still at Lisa's .....I better get it before it disappears. LOL

  3. Hi friend! So glad you enjoyed your weekend! Can't wait to hear all about your time with MOPS and what God prompted you to share. Keri, our Pastor cries at least once in every sermon, which you would think would be annoying. But actually, it's endearing (okay, this is coming from someone who cries everytime I pray!) because I know it comes from the heart. I think when you're moved that much, it moves others also, and they know it's genuine. What lucky women to get to hear your heart poured out like that.

    Thanks for the link to our new allowance program. My new friend, Rebekah Lee, was the inspiration for it. Seems to be working well!



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