December 09, 2008

Here Comes The Rain Again

A storm is blowing into town right this minute.  Luckily, thanks to modern day technology, all of Houston was anticipating the rain and drastic drop in temperature that is blowing into H town.  We knew several days ago that today, Tuesday, it was going to rain and get cold - the kind of cold that means I get to turn on my fireplace and wear a cute scarf tomorrow.  

How nice would it be if we had advanced notice of storms blowing into our lives?  "Attention, Keri.....on Friday, there will be a large thunderstorm dropping 3 inches of rain right into your life with a blistering cold and lonely front right behind it."  Would I prepare?  Would I be afraid?  Would the anxiety of the unknown keep me awake at night?  

As much as we would like to think that some advanced notice of tough times would better enable us to handle them, I'm not convinced it would.  I would be so focused on the impending storm,  that I would miss the moments of sunshine between now and then.  I would become fearful of the unknown and my tendency to try to control the situation would come blazing through.  I would lose faith that God is in control.  

I have been in the midst of a storm for awhile now and it has not been fun.  There have been some rays of sunshine here and there, but I have no way of knowing when the sun will coming blazing out and the temperatures will rise.  I don't I hold on.  I hold on to the One who walks beside me and quietly whispers, "I am here, have no fear".  


  1. Wow, if I could plagerize a blog and call it my own... Keri, this is our lives right now. With no warning, the storm came. So I guess we will either choose to fear, or put on our cute rainboots and go outside to jump in puddles. I will hold tight through the storm, but pray that we both see the sunshine soon.

  2. Hey what is the update with the "bully" with your son?

    Keeping you in my prayers friend.


  3. Wow. Someone left me a comment on my blog today and told me to come read your note today. It was great to read some similar thoughts. I think you're right - if we knew the storm was coming we wouldn't enjoy the sunshine.

    I appreciate such honest thoughts. Glad I came on over. (o:



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