December 03, 2008

Double Digits

10 years old......10........that's a decade.  I can not believe that I have a 10 year old, but as of 8:25 this evening G has moved out of single digit land into double digits.  I don't know how to parent double digits!  I'll have to check with Focus on the Family and see if they have any books on parenting double digit kids......I think it makes him an official "Tweeny".  

G, I will never be able to thank you enough for making me a mom.  You will always have the honor of giving me that title.  You have forged the way and I have learned a lot about myself in being your mom.  How in the world did I ever live without you?  I still vividly remember your birth and the joy and wonder I felt at meeting you.  I often feel like I am meeting you all over again these days as you grow up and mature.  

I love, love, love your red hair.
I love your tender spirit.
I love that you amaze me every day with some random fact that means nothing to me.
I love that you are a staunch supporter of Abraham Lincoln and his title of being The Greatest President ever.
I love that you still want me to scratch your back every night.....please don't ever let that stop.
I love that you do your hair every morning, you handsome boy.
I love that you would give every last dime you had to someone in need.
I love that you have asked Jesus into your heart about 30 times.......I think you're good, buddy.
I love how you watch me during sad movies to make sure I'm not crying.
I love how much you love your dad.
I love how much you love my cooking.
I love calling you my son and I would NOT trade you for anything in the whole world.

I so look forward to our future a family, as a mother and son.  I thank God every day for choosing me to be a part of your life!!


  1. I love the letters you blog to your kids on their birthdays. You have my eyes filled with tears! Also, I love your new Christmasy look!! I somehow couldn't get my middle section to change colors! Oh, well! At least it didn't delete my whole blog!!

  2. Happy Birthday to G! Double digits is a big deal. You'll do great, Mom.

  3. Okay make me cry why don't you just as I am about to walk out the door. What sweet words. Hunter insist I scratch his back every single night, and swears by it that he can't fall alseep with out it. Ill have to apologize to his wife for that one day. LOL

    And the new blog look..... my other friend and you have the same taste and the same blog look. I dig it.

    And yes the "friend" you know very well..... we would fight over here if you still lived here. LOL Or maybe not fight, but would have to balance out sharing I guess in better words. LOL

    When you coming back out to visit?



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