August 24, 2008

Hatch Green Chile Time

That's right, it's Hatch Green Chile time!!  While most people may buy a pound, I buy a whole box.  I get them at our local grocery store and they were fresh, hot off the roaster.  The aroma brings back many memories from my New Mexico days.......the same aroma made N dawg gag.  Oh well!!

They are bagged up and in the freezer ready for Green Chile Stew, Green Chile Chicken Enchilads, and anything else I can use them for.


  1. ah, makes me so happy!
    So glad you guys are enjoying them. makes me remember Mom's chili even though I don't eat the meat! But you just cannot beat the fire and flavor of the Hatch Chile!

  2. hilarious keri! my store here in CO just put them out too!!!! kay

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought green chiles just came chopped up in a can. I SO want some of these!

  4. Keri!!! I was so excited to find you through Kay's blog!! I will be heading to HEB this weekend to get the stares of everyone when I load up my shopping cart with green chile! Have you eaten at Chuy's? They have hatch green chile as well as all of the other tex-mex options. We were so excited to find it and it is now our after-church habit!

  5. Keri, Christie's page listed your blog, and I came on to see your beautiful boys! I can't believe they are so big! I remember those chilies--your mom cooked them for me years ago when I visited Michigan. YUMMY. Enjoy your chilies! And good to see your beautiful family!



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