August 17, 2008

Florida Fun

So we all have post-vacation blues on this rainy Sunday night.  We had a wonderful time in Destin, Florida where we went for a week with 2 other families.  I took lots of pictures, but thought I would share just a few of my favorites!  Love the one of N Dawg above.....nothing like getting buried in the sand and then finding it in all kinds of body crevices for days to come!
Scot and G Man spent lots of time together on this trip.  One evening after hanging out together on one of the balconies, G declared it the best 45 min of his life.  Amazing how as the boys get older, their dad becomes their whole world and I am just the one that feeds them.....a lot.....all day long.  Heaven help us, it's going to get crazy the closer to the teen years we get!
Nathan and I chillin on the beach. 

G actually worked all day one day and conquered the Skim Board.  He was really good at it!  Only took one fall that had 2 adults running for him thinking he had for sure broken something!  We'll save that for football!


  1. It just doesn't seem right that you and I were in the same state and didn't see each other...even if you were like 7 hours away! I miss you!!!
    PS...your boys look adorable

  2. That sand looks so clean, soft and cool.....not this burning hot, yucky brown sad we have here.




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