October 20, 2009

Falling to Pieces

It's official......I'm falling apart. And I don't mean the kind that results in wearing sweats for days on end, scattered - used tissues and peanut butter cup wrappers. I mean the physical kind that reminds me of how close my 40th birthday is closing in on me. I have one year and 3 months until I am half way to 80.....Yikes!!

I did go to the doctor for my hip. Apparently I have what is called a tight IT muscle. Not "it", but IT......like the dudes that know way too much about computers. I was sent to the Sports Rehab place (because I am practically an athlete) and was given an excercise program and instructed to be nice to that muscle for a couple of weeks.....which I take to mean no running and no boot camp. (I am most certainly not grinning ear to ear as I type this.) Lots of stretches twice a day and then slowly start the training up again. We'll see....

I have also been having bouts of irregular heart patterns for awhile now so I figured while I was at it with the bad hip, I would visit the cardiologist as well (all good practice for when I actually AM 80). Now I am sporting a fashion forward monitoring devise that is large and clunky with a button I'm supposed to push every time something weird happens.

This past weekend I was weeding our jungle out front and stood up quickly which caused a slightly irregular heart beat and I pushed the button and waited for the call to check my symptoms. The lady called me back and asked why I pushed the button......I told her my heart was racing for a moment and that's when she let me know that next time I needed to wait for something worse to happen before hitting the button.

OK.......guess I'll train my boys and all the neighbor kids that if Miss Keri hits the deck, push the button so the lady that calls can be happy THAT SOMETHING WORSE HAPPENED!!

Deep breath in, deep breath out......interesting how you approach your day when wearing a heart monitor 24/7. Scot has been out of the country for all of this - suffice it to say that I think he considers the heart monitor thing a fun challenge for when he gets back. That's all I'm going to say about that!

In other news, G is officially off the market. I am bringing arranged marriages back into fashion so I would like to announce that in about 20 years, when their 5 year age difference isn't so weird, he will be marrying this sweet girl and they will have loads of precious red headed babies that I will get to see all the time because this sweet girl (and her mama) love me! Ok, one down.....one to go! Doesn't G look pleased?

One more tidbit of fun news......N scored his team's first touchdown of the season last night. This picture was NOT taken last night, but pretty much sums up the season so far. Lots of rain, lots of cancelled games, and 3 games straight with no score for the Titans. That all changed last night with a victory for our boys! Go Titans!!


  1. I think with all that some candy wrappers strone around would not be uncalled for:) Be praying for you!

  2. I love this (especially the arranged marriage part)! And you are not falling apart it's just that whole maintenance thing going on with you right now...heehee

  3. Ahhhh...how perspective changes things. I remember hearing Toni Evans once say that we should not worry about how many years we have lived, but we should just live every day to the fullest. He said if you are 60 and are going to live until you're 90, you are YOUNG. If you're 24 and are going to live until you're 25, you are OLD. So, don't count the years.

    When I FINALLY graduated from college (and I was MUCH older than you are now - actually facing 50!), I got a new job. Where the application asked for "age"...I simply put
    "immortal!" Then never asked anything else!:-)

    By the way, I actually had another red-head in mind. Want to work on one for N? Maybe we could talk arranged...and the mother and Grandmother love you!

    Love, Suzanne

  4. The "call when something worse happens"...sheesh.

    I am 32 in december and already i am taking ibuprofen every night like its a vitamin. LOL A guy on twitter actually said that a couple of weeks and I just copied it because I thought it was funny. But I do. I take it every night because my elbows hurt, my hands throb while i sleep. I feel old.

    Hope the heart thing is nothing and that you get your hip feeling better soon.

  5. G. can absolutely not get married before me!!!! I draw the line _______

  6. Geez, can you think of a better way to put it than "halfway to 80?!"

    But seriously, just what does the lady consider "something worse?" I mean, really. It's all relative. But I will add your halfway-to-80-heart to my prayer journal along with your moving-across-the-globe family.

    And if I'm not mistaken, isn't a tight IT band very common among runners? Just do your exercises and you'll be better in no time. And I better not catch you smiling ;-) Love ya, girl!

  7. Halfway to 80? Yikes- that sounds like a death sentence!!! Look at how much life you still have ahead of you!!

    Hope all is well and that Scot comes home very soon!


  8. I'm getting caught up on your blog but going backwards. Now I see the need for the spa -- it's all making sense now... Thanks for being someone else a little freaked out by 40 -- I keep calling it "the back nine" -- hopefully I will do much better with the next 40 years than I would on a golf course.... Sounds like Mom is trying to barter for a match-up with ChellBell. I'm in favor of it!



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