January 20, 2009


I just got home from putting my sister on a plane back to Jerusalem.  We made complete fools of ourselves in the parking lot, crying and clinging to each other for what seemed like an eternity.  There was me not wanting to go back to my everyday life without her in it, and there was her, not wanting to go back to a foreign land leaving sisters who love and support her behind.

Cyndi works for Jerusalem University College and she teaches short-term groups that go study the geographical areas that resonate all throughout the Bible.  She is an amazing teacher and was here because one of the short term groups she taught this last Spring, invited her to Houston to teach a seminar at their church.  She was incredible and I was alternating between being part of her personal fan club and being her personal bouncer (the people went crazy over her!).  

She has the ability to intertwine the Old Testament and New to give you an entirely different perspective on stories you've heard and read about.  She is crazy smart, complicated, interesting, and inspiring.  I want to be more like her in so many ways that I often have to remind myself that I am actually older than she is.  

The wonderful part of having her visit, is that we have seen lots of family these last 2 weeks.  My parents have been in town and one of our brothers flew in for an overnighter from California to see her.  I LOVE being with Dave........he is 6'8" and being with him actually makes me feel small.  All 3 of us girls walk taller and proud when we are with him.  We call him our Gentle Giant because he has a heart of gold.  

Dave and Lisa

Dave, Cyndi, and me

I will miss you, Cyndi!  I promise to eat lots of tofu and gain some kind of an appreciation for red wine in the interim before I see you again.  I am grateful that you were given to me as a sister.  You make me want to be a better person.  I have been an emotional mess since you left because I just want you back here with me instead being off in the Holy Land changing lives........even though that's a super cool thing to be doing!


  1. What a wonderful sister you have! And what a wonderful sister you are! I'll never live in the sisterhood world, but reading this post makes me see how truly special it can be.

  2. Keri. I can see you crying at the airport!!! I also wish she would just stay here with us. She is amazing.

  3. Thanks for allowing us a window into your relationship with your sister. She sounds amazing. If she ever writes a book or makes a video, please let us know. I will pray for you as you adjust to being without her again.

  4. I just found you blog. I have tears in my eyes from this post because it resonates with me too! My sweet sister Katie is in the Middle East for 2 years, and we sent her off on January 25th. I miss her so much! Arent we lucky to have sisters =)



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