June 03, 2011


We are being picked up in exactly one hour to head to the airport. I am BARELY going to make it. It seems that when my DNA was being all figured out, the gene for packing way in advance to eliminate panic and frustration was totally and completely left out.

Yesterday was full of fun, celebrating and saying good-bye....we were all completely exhausted by last night......hence (I do love that word), no blog post. I actually fell asleep on the couch which never, ever happens. Scot finally woke me up and I stumbled into our room and climbed into bed without even brushing my teeth and that NEVER, EVER happens. Seriously. I'm a huge believer in washing my face and brushing my teeth before bed no matter what. I have enough skin problems.....sleeping in my make-up is not on my top 10 list of things I like to do.

Last day of school!

Party at the apartment complex where we had a lot
of boys playing games that required no shirts apparently.

Garrett and Jack

Some of the moms and half a dad
(I had the wrong lens on my camera and didn't get
my friend Dawn either. So missing: half a dad and
the rest of Dawn)

Garrett and the girls
Using self-control in not making any other comments
about this picture.

Baseball on the tennis courts
An amazing picture? Not really. It's just that right after taking this shot I tripped over
a step and went sprawling. My camera lens is now cracked and I officially have my first
non-shopping errand to run when I get back to Houston.
Yeah me.

Dawn had bought hundreds of glow sticks and the kids went diving for them
when it got dark and proceeded to make all kinds of creations with them.
VERY fun idea!!

This next picture makes me a little emotional. Scot gives me a hard time because while Nathan will go for a $10 haircut, I tend to pamper Garrett a little more because....well.....he just has better hair and can wear it long. I love it long. Scot does not like it long. Today, Garrett decided he no longer wanted it long either.


The lady finished the cut and Garrett asked her to please cut it more. I was protesting and he looked at me and told me he was ready for something new. Ready for it to just be different.

And by different I think he meant just about everything that defined this year for him.

So I put on my momma smile and told him he looked amazing and watched a kid walk out of the salon like he had just had 10 pounds taken off of him. I was scurrying around scooping up locks of gorgeous red hair.

Just kidding.

But I really thought about it for a few minutes!

I am officially at the end of this blogging challenge. I have to say that it brings about some mixed feelings for me. It certainly has been challenging and I have not been perfect, but it has forced me to do something that often intimidates me.

I am humbled by and appreciate every one of you that has read my random ramblings. I have enjoyed how much I feel like people are more connected to us and our lives here. For that, it is all worth it!

40 minutes to go and I need to go change my airplane outfit again, take out my contacts with the hope that I will actually sleep, and spend some time hugging on my man that I won't see for a really long time.

I love you guys!!!


  1. Keri, I have loved your blogging challenge and hope it's not the last time you do one. I am only okay with you not blogging every day for a while because I get to exchange that for seeing the REAL you! G looks great, and I'm glad he's starting off his summer with things being "different". xoxo to you and the boys during your trip.

  2. Praying all goes well and travel is easy and pleasant and peaceful! Texas will be glad to have you back:)

  3. I totally agree with Christie in Dallas, TX -- word for word! :) We'll miss you - but have a FANTABOULOUS time in America! Be well and eat well!

  4. I truly believe the blogging challenge is a step into the door of writing a book. You have the gift! Thanks for letting me in on your life—the challenges and the joys. And welcome home!

  5. I am going to miss the blog through the summer. You keep me entertained. BTW I really like Garrett's hair. Sorry... Don't write me off as a friend. I am praying for all your travels to be uneventful. Love you good, Joy

  6. You did it!!! So proud of you!!! And I love G's hair. He's so cute. Pleeeeeeease blog from TX some, okay? Love you!

  7. Glad you are back in the states!!! I've given you a blog award! Check out my blog and follow along! Hope you are doing wonderful! Love ya



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